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Project Description

The PluginManager is an extension for Expression Blend that enables blend to use more than one plugin. PluginManager reads an directory and loads all plugins stored in that directory.

With the upcoming release of Expresison Blend 4 I've decided to discontinue this project. The code will stay available, but no forther development will take place. Expression Blend 4 supports MEF, the Managed Extensibility Framework. On my weblog is an article on how to get started developing extensions for Expression Blend 4 using MEF:


  • Place BlendPluginManager.dll inside the root directory of Blend, where the Blend.Exe file is located.
  • Add a subdirectory called "AddIns" to this directory.
  • From now on run Blend with /addin:BlendPluginManager.dll as a parameter, or create a short-cut with this parameter.

Now you can add all other plugins to the AddIns directory and they will be automaticly loaded when blend starts.
You can view which plugins are loaded by opening the PluginManager window located in the Tools menu of Blend.

For example:

Future Planning

  • I havn't done any testing with expression design yet. It would be nice if I got the pluginmanager to work in expression too.
  • Easier installation.
  • Reloading and rescanning plugins.
  • Create some documentation on how to write plugins.

Your ideas, comments and feedback are welcome!

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